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Preserved Before The Storm

2015 November 05

We were preserved in Jesus Christ even before the journey and storms of our life began.

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The Apostle With Four Names

2015 March 04

An Apostle by any other name is still...Jude.

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2014 April 29

Always begin and end with grace.

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2014 April 28

Build up the Body of Christ!

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Avoid Evil Men

2014 April 27

Stay away!!!!

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The Prophecy of Enoch

2014 April 26

God will judge wicked men and false teachers.

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God's Clear Description of False Teachers

2014 April 25

Jude points out how bad these false teachers really are.

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God's Condemnation Of False Teachers

2014 April 24

They know better than to act that way!

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God Hates Sin

2014 April 23

Sin by any other name is still sin.

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Earnestly Contend!

2014 April 21

I could have been a contender!

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Living in Peace

2014 April 19

Safe in the arms of Jesus.

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2014 April 18

Safe in God's love.

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2014 April 17

God never saves anyone halfway.

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2014 April 16

The beginning of grace toward men.

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Who Is Jude?

2014 April 15

Which Judas (Jude) is this talking about?

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The Book of Jude

2014 April 14

Earnestly contend!

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Brentwood Hills Primitive Baptist Church is a community of believers working together to transform our lives to the image of Jesus Christ. We believe it is our duty and privilege to live the gospel of the doctrines of grace in such a way as to edify the families within our church and other children of God in our community. Through regular worship based on strong Biblical principles, fellowship, admonishment, and outreach, we glory in the grace of the sovereign God working in our lives thereby showing the Spirit of God in the world.

Elder Ward Rowell named Pastor

Brentwood Hills Primitive Baptist church is happy to announce that Elder Ward Rowell of Arlington, TX has accepted the church's call to be its Pastor. Elder Ward has been visiting Brentwood Hills regularly this year as we looked for a new pastor. His love, dedication and liberty while preaching to us over the last several months showed the Holy Spirit working.

Elder Rowell has been a member of Old School Primitive Baptist Church for many years faithfully serving under Pastor Mike Montgomery. He was ordained at Houston Primitive Baptist Church.

We are truly thankful for the prayers of our sister churches during this time. It has been a blessing as God continues to be patient and kind to his people in this place. We pray that he will continue with us as we strive to serve the Lord together.

Living in Liberty

Elder Bryce Lowrance