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Walk in the Light

2014 January 03

Hey, wake up and walk!

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Walk in Love

2014 January 02

It's not about you!

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We're Following The Leader

2014 January 01

Do you want to be as happy as Jesus?

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Who Is The Boss?

2013 December 14

Thankful living on the job.

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Because God Said So

2013 December 12

Paul makes this easy to understand, so I will try not to complicate it here.

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Quit You Like Men!

2013 December 11

Husbands and Fathers, God is asking, “Are you acting like Christ in your home?”

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God's Family Design | The Wife

2013 December 10

The Thankful Wife

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A Righteous Life Is A Thankful Life

2013 December 09

Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus

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Witness #20: The Prophets

2013 December 07

We Have It Better Than The Prophets

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Witness #19: Samuel

2013 December 06

A Voice In The Night

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Witness #18: David

2013 December 03

The Giant-Slayer Who Would Be King

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Witness #17: Jephthah

2013 December 01

The Outcast Hero

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Witness #15: Barak

2013 November 28

Some women can give you the worst headaches.

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Witness #14: Gideon

2013 November 27

The sword of the LORD, and of Gideon

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Witness #13: Rahab

2013 November 26


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Witness #12: The Battle of Jericho

2013 November 25

And the walls came tumblin’ down!

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Witness #11: Moses

2013 November 24

Faith in a name that he doesn't even know

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Witness #10: Moses' Parents

2013 November 23

Faith enough to bring down a king!

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Witness #9: Joseph

2013 November 21

Bury my bones back home!

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Witness #8: Jacob

2013 November 16

A cross-handed blessing.

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Witness #7: Isaac

2013 November 15

A blind blessing.

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Witness #5.5: Abraham

2013 November 14

God will provide himself a lamb.

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Witness #6: Sara

2013 November 13

Is anything too hard for the LORD?

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Witness #5: Abraham

2013 November 12

Get out and go!

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Witness #3: Enoch

2013 November 06

Take a walk with God.

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Witness #2: Abel

2013 November 01

What made Abel Able?

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Witness #1: Creation

2013 October 29

Who am I that God even notices me?

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2013 October 28

By God's grace we can now run a life of righteous joy!

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A Sacrifice Worth Making

2013 October 26

A review of Romans 12:1-2

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Fill in The GAPs of your life.

2013 October 23

G - Good A - Acceptable P - Perfect

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Prove God

2013 October 22

Our obedience does no make us children of God but it proves to US that we are His children.

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It's Time For A Renovation

2013 October 21

The best home improvements gut out the old and replace it with the best!

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Be Not Conformed

2013 October 19

How are you FORMing your life?

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Be Reasonable!

2013 October 17

It is only logical to serve the Lord with all our life.

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Living the Life!

2013 October 16

Die to the world and live unto Christ!

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By The Mercies Of God

2013 October 15

By God’s mercy, we have ability, strength, and desire to be All In for Him.

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Are You All In?

2013 October 14

How can I be sacrificed and still be alive?

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Brentwood Hills Primitive Baptist Church is a community of believers working together to transform our lives to the image of Jesus Christ. We believe it is our duty and privilege to live the gospel of the doctrines of grace in such a way as to edify the families within our church and other children of God in our community. Through regular worship based on strong Biblical principles, fellowship, admonishment, and outreach, we glory in the grace of the sovereign God working in our lives thereby showing the Spirit of God in the world.

Living in Liberty

Elder Bryce Lowrance


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